Nude outdoor Photography & Origins of Christmas

I have professional photography equipment which i use to photograph art. I also do erotic photography from time to time for friends. The photos this week are from an at-home photo shoot, done last week with a colleague. We used natural light for the whole photo shoot and a photo grey background for most of it, setting off bare flesh to a warm golden richness. I have more nudes than i need since the rules for online definition of porn have changed to include showing nipples/genitals/pubic hair. What’s one to do? Just because it’s nude doesn’t mean it’s lewd, sigh.

For me, the focus was on getting current, clothed photos since i have scads of recent nudes from my hiking trips and not enough clothed ones. It feels profane to add lingerie to my outdoor photo shoots, for what could be more truly sexy nude photos in nature? Rhetorical question, keep reading. My hiking photos are shot on a point-and-shoot digital camera and need to happen relatively fast (20 minutes or so), while i can go off-trail and find some private yet gorgeous location to take photos. So these conditions limit photographic quality but yield nice nudes in spectacular settings. So from the latest shoot i have good quality indoor sexy pics. Here is the initial offering, so to speak. Enjoy! and Happy Winter Solstice to all my fellow hedonistic pagans-at-heart.

You may know a bit about the history of the origins of our modern Christmas holiday, including that there is no documented information about when Jesus Christ was born, and how the early church chose to make up a christian festival based on a manufactured birth date of December 25th to coincide with (and co-opt, where were the cultural appropriation police?!) the enthusiastically celebrated Roman mid-winter festival of Saturnalia. It seems caroling comes to us from the roman custom of singing naked and drunk in the street during Saturnalia. Brilliant! Bring Saturnalia back! Everything about Christmas which seems oddly hedonistic and nature-based and pagan seems to come from regional customs older than the church and in no way connected to Christianity. 

No matter your take on Christmas, May your Winter be cozy, intimate, connected, heart-centered, pleasurable, and abundant. Call me for sweet sensual massage as a holiday treat to yourself.