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Aside from my passion for sublime sensual massage and exquisite touch which I consider creative aspects of my self expression, I love being outdoors and traveling to gorgeous wild places.  I love gathering beauty with my camera.  I am deeply touched by wildness and nature.  To me, Nature is a mix of chaos and ineffable order that is so mind boggling that one must surrender intellectual effort to take it in and simply allow reverence to happen.  Allow an experience of receiving a sacrament by simply being in the midst of all that beauty.   My photography is a way of touching/looking at nature, and bringing an artifact of that sublime adventure into the wilderness back with me.  My nature images can later transport me so I feel the calming joyful beauty all over again.  I look at my trip photos of lakes and woods and rivers in the Winter or when I’m stuck indoors.  I hope these images bring you joy and inspire you to get outside.  

I hope you enjoyed the outdoor adventures image gallery. I’ll be adding additional images to complete the migration from my old website.

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