sexy sensual masseuse reading a book on a balcony

Giving Good Mind

I give good mind, LOL.  I am a voracious reader.  I usually have several books going at a time in various genres.  My favorite books are about wilderness and the American West (Brett Hart, Jack London, Edward Abbey, etc), Science Fiction (Neal Stephenson, Orson Scott Card, St Vernor Vinge, etc), fantasy (with themes about deep connection to nature, the true nature of reality, and magic), and well-researched and erudite historical fiction (Dorothy Dunnett, we miss you so !).  One of my favorite ways to connect with my lover is to share a long bubble bath together and we both read, or to snuggle opposite each other on a cozy couch and both read, our legs intertwined, the little dog is snuggled with us too.  Sharing body contact, mind candy, and furry love.  AAAAhhhhh!  soooo good.

I take books backpacking even though they are heavy!