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Backpacking Desolation Wilderness Rockbound Lake

Here are more nude hiking photos of my trips this summer backpacking in the High Sierra. My last trip was September 1-4 and there were STILL meadows in bloom at 8500 foot elevation, a truly wondrous year for wildflowers. i’ve managed three backpacking trips in August, God! but i love Summer. And i love the mountains, intensely. This year with all the extra snow we had and how late it melted has resulted in a later spring and full wildflower bloom well into August. So areas i’d usually find bloomed out and dry this time of year are still sporting a gorgeous cover of blooms as of this week. Creeks are higher and waterfalls fuller than usual for August, to my delight. I hope you have had time to be in the wild gorgeousness of California this summer. I have had my sufficiency of being steeped in mountain energy and i’m excited about the Autumn. I have two more trips planned for the Fall, one to the Lost Coast, which might require hiking at unusual times to avoid high tide along the coastal trail ! Wow, i can’t wait for such unusual trail conditions. It will be a first for me. I hope you have had a chance to get some trail dust on our shoes and a few thundercloud raindrops on your head walking in the woods somewhere this summer. Afternoon thunder showers, unpredictable, brief, scary, gorgeous, are a sacrament of being in the mountains in the summer. Church at 8,500 ft, yeah!

Waiting for sunset after thunder and lightening storm nude hiker fbsm
sunset camping with Nude sexy masseuse in nature full body sensual exotic erotic bodyrub massage San Francisco Bay Area
Sunset at Rockbound Lake

This was the view from the rock on which we ate dinner at sunset. There had been an exciting afternoon thunder and lightening storm.

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