Covid Touch Deficit Disorder & FBSM

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Glorious summer in Stanislaus National Forest

I’ll be on the Peninsula near Menlo Park Mountain View Thursday evening and Friday this week offering sensual touch fbsm. Book your nourishing touch fbsm appointment with me.

Covid touch deficit disorder – it’s being recognized in scientific community and by those writing about social science too. Here is an article in Time about the effects of our inability to touch due to the social isolation of covid pandemic social distancing guidelines. It feels really disconnecting to not have human contact and touch and this last year with the Covid19 pandemic has probably left most of us feeling malnourished in the area of touch. This affects everything from mood to your immunity touch is extremely important for keeping us emotionally and psychologically healthy and it also directly impacts her ability to stay healthy. This article names the phenomenon “Touch Starvation“. Here is different article in Nature magazine that likens the covid isolation to that experienced by astronauts in spaceflight. Personally, it has felt to me as if I’m on my own in a lonely bubble looking out across an insurmountable social gulf the bridging of which is rife with dire consequences to all involved.

Having to wear face masks seems to have affected us in various way, both positive and negative. It can increase our social anciety because takes away our ability to see people on the street or at work or at the grocery store and be able to read their facial cues and feel safe. Humans rely immensely on peoples expressions and how they hold their facial features to communicate friendliness openness so the masking robs us of that vitally important social cue. This article talks about mask wearing increasing social anxiety. And on the other end of the spectrum here is an article citing a study showing that wearing masks allows those of us with social anxiety to relax and not have to worry what our facial expression is doing while interacting with others. I fall into the latter group and while wearing a mask is inconvenient and irritating I am much more socially comfortable behind a mask when out in public among strangers! Interesting bit of self-knowledge gleaned from the pandemic.

To recharge your energy and sense of wellbeing I invite you to treat yourself to gorgeously sensual touch at my beautiful upscale sanctuary near Menlo Park. I will be observing Covid guidelines for indoor massage, including masking. Be aware that indoor massage has been allowed throughout the pandemic if somebody had a doctor’s order for it or a chiropractor’s order. let me know if you would need any other adjustment or measures to reduce risk of transmission. Old friends call (650) 530-0131, new clients please don’t text. new clients please email me first at heavenly.luna at

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